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We know professional athletes look to good nutrition to help them obtain peak performance and as a daily exercise devotee or weekend warrior doing aerobics, soccer, football, netball, body balance, etc. You need just as much nutrition to help you bridge the gap in what you are eating and what you should eat than the full time professional athlete.

Here at Juice Plus+® Australia we celebrate and congratulate those of you who go beyond the basic fitness level and achieve their goal.
These individuals are certainly living “Life to the Plus”!

There are many people around the world taking Juice Plus+® and doing extraordinary things, check out our Live Life To The Plus Website!

  Ocean Ski Paddler
  Steve Coulter AUS

  and XC Mountain biking
  David Gardiner AUS


  The Coolangatta Gold
  Congratulations to our Coolangatta Gold Winners:
  Steve Coulter, Christie Krenkels, James Reid and Ian Kennedy

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