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Australian and international athletes push their bodies to the limits in pursuit of their desired goals in their chosen sport. Athletes recognise and understand the many health benefits of regular exercise including increased lean muscle mass, improved bone density, better flexibility and better aerobic and anaerobic capacity. However there is one major adverse effect that effects everyone who exercises to any degree - oxidative stress. This is of particular concern to athletes who put their bodies under extreme oxidative stress with day to day training and those high performance events as it increases as exercise becomes more rigorous.

Oxidative stress can significantly impact body repair and recovery post-exercise and as a result, hinder optimum performance. It can also lead to injuries, sickness and premature breakdown of the body over time, often manifesting as chronic diseases. However, individuals can markedly reduce their oxidative stress, the impact it has on the body and ensure the maximum health benefits from their exercise regime through proper nutrition.

Take time to learn what athletes and fitness professionals have to say about the importance of eating more fruits and vegetables and the role that Juice Plus+® can play in improving health, fitness, wellbeing and performance.

Make an informed decision to help you bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat, to obtain a healthy lifestyle and fitness regime.

Proper nutrition has been shown to enhance your physical performance and ensures you are getting the maximum health benefits from your physical activity, while protecting your health in the longer-term.

Jason Fowler

“Why do I do it? Because people think I can't."

Welcome to our most recent addition to the Juice Plus+® Sports Website, Jason Fowler. Jason has an inspirational story, he grew up in Kingston, Massachusetts, where he spent most of his childhood on motorcycles and became a nationally-ranked amateur racer by age ten. Jason's life was forever changed, however, at the age of 17 on March 13, 1991. While riding his motorcycle he collided with an obscured rock and hit the ground head first, severing his spinal cord in the process. His injury left him paralysed from the chest down.

During the weeks following the accident, Jason looked toward the future. He insisted that he would be as active as possible, as soon as possible. Competitive racing had been his passion. His drive, determination, and strong will propelled him into racing again – only this time in a wheelchair and only four months after his accident and spinal fusion surgery. He has since completed over 140 road races, 30 marathons, and 25 triathlons.

In addition to racing, Jason has also excelled academically and professionally. Earning a bachelor's degree in finance and an MBA with a concentration in health care management, he now works as a clinical consultant at Medtronic, Inc.

"I'm planning on doing Ironman again, and my goal will be to win."


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